Saturday, May 27, 2006


"Spare a thought for others, and they will do the same for you"

Oh how people scoffed about this.

Sixteen years of my life, or rather the last four years of my life, that was what i used to believe, albeit there were numerous occasions where this hypothesis failed me, or others whom i was lucky enough to know of.

Cease thinking of what happened. It just so happen to come to me in these few days.

I kept quiet for the last few days, to observe and draw inferences to the many things i see. Not that i have nothing to do, or i feel sad or what, it just came to me so.

The society is cut out to be so, and in a society that all of us live in, the education system justifiably mould us to be so. However, not everyone is given a fair chance to strive or maximise their potential in the current system.

Did meritocracy mean that I should understand my role as a less intelligent student, less deserving of air-conditioned classrooms and lounges, less likely to ever have a chance at succeeding at the top or serving my country as a politician. Or conversely, should the elites just understand their role as a smarter, richer individual who can afford to cruise through life and land feet first into a cushy job?

Efforts made to reform the system appear tokenistic because the mindset has not changed. If you want to be in the Integrated Programme and have a more vibrant, more colourful syllabus, you need to achieve a certain grade, have a good track record. If you want to have a government scholarship, you need to achieve 4 A's and 3 'S' Paper distinctions, there is no other way, i suppose.

Enough of this. Bottom line is that this society or rather the society that we live in has a unique system of judging who is fit for what. No way are we going to or able to make a change in this somewhat stratified system.

At the end of the day, you are the one who regrets, THE PEOPLE treat us like commodities. You ultimately decides your worth with the abiltity to do well in the specific methodology THEY employ to gauge one's potential or the opportunities that you are somehow able to grab. It is a business to them.

Somehow, this applies to friendship too. Not that i'm in doubt of any of you on my list of links or in my contact list. This is how it goes. "Spare a thought for others, and they will do the same for you" This is bullshit. You don't fight for yourself, no one will. Perhaps some kind soul would 'appear' in your life to help to succeed in whatever youare pursuing, but you must first take the first step.

Feel that you are blessed with the abilities that you possess? Yes you should, if you feel you have a talent for it. You are inherently superior to those who are well-tutored, or simply dilligent(you get what i mean).

So what i want to say essentially in this post is crudely speaking, scorn and be oblivion to those that are not important to you, or do not play a part in your life, don't waste your time on them, as you certainly have better things to do.

Point to note, feel appreciated when someone spare their time to talk to you or be with you, provided that it is on their own free will of course, is a mark of their love for you.

Just do it, if you feel like it, weigh it with the set of balance you have in your heart.

Repay the kindness of others, and choose what you do wisely. I still love my friends, those 'biatches' that i really call friends. =p

"For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else"

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