Saturday, April 08, 2006

My room

yea, the much anticipated friday !!! 070406 important day for me yeh, best friend's( sounds bit childish, but who cares) birthday!!! Marche at suntec after a hectic long week, not only was it to celebrate his birthday, but also it was an opportunity for my mates and I to meet up again.

Frankly, I've never ever felt so desparate to meet guys, i mean not being gay... but seriously they are individuals who are very important to and in my life. The many many things that we've done and accomplished together, wasn't at all easy to forget and i think i never will. It probably wasn't as well-planned as saunnys birthday, due to the on-going inter-house debates at VJ, but it was simple and clean, and i think he liked it that way.

We did all we should do at one's birthday! Singing the happy birthday to you loudly so people around can applause for us ;p. haha. Then went to 7-11 at city link to pick up some booze, thanks to senior robin who is of the legal age, muahhaha. Loved the heat that stays and warm your throat, yea.

Many things can happen and could happen in our lives and I think meeting up once in a while isn't a bad idea, luckily we have a birthday in every month (probably except FEB and DEC i'm not wrong with the facts right?).

Chatted in city link and later at BK at raffles city. Not much content, but thats why it's called chatting. yea.

They are really the best people i've met in my life so far, despite having very different personalities, we are always together. I feel really safe and comfortable with them around, i bet some of you out there feels the same too, espicially with the important people in your lives. I mean having them around is really as good as being in my room, safe and relaxed. Whew, these are probably things that i'll never say.. Haha.

-Luvis-Jeffrey-Bryan-Shaun-Xinxiang-Jing jiat-Gedeon-Kenneth-Jeremy-Jion chun-Kaiyang-Steiner-Zhuangyong-Algene-

Just think about the connections that we have, 2-6, 4-8,4-4,4-9, debaters, bowlers, dais, bestest frens, North, East, vivacitors, whatever pointers, whatever JC-Whatever, all as one.

Next, just to wish all well in whatever you do, swimming, debates, kayaking, council,bowling,soccer,basketball,hockey,going for girls, whatever.

ok, i'll stop the whatevers.
cya. :D

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