Monday, March 13, 2006


Today started off with being late for lecture. Not really a good way to start though, but when i got there, they haven't even started... So what is the point of being early anyways.

Soon, after an hour of bitching by the somewhat gay lecturer(i'll try to get his picture when term starts), we left during the break. SMILES. The gay lecturer was wearing a 'skimpy' outfit. He's a man by the way. His top was as thin as a sheet of 10 cent tissue paper that you can get at some public toilets... and obviously you can see stuff... and he's wearing a shiny diamond pendant!! with a pair of out of placed khakis... and worst of all with his pyjamas outfit, he wore a pair of puma shoes which looked like this>>> high cut puma shoes..LOL all white plus this shoe with diamond pendant! rocks!

Went to train with xinxiang in the afternoon at cat high.. freaking dusty.. and they are not building astro-turf.... my arms are aching now... but i'm loving the training...

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