Wednesday, March 29, 2006

bad day

started out well, looking forward to the best day out of my time-table. All geared up to engage in some meaningful activities after school, but it never happened and wasn't as fulfilling as expected.

went swimming with Jing Jiat, but to realise that my muscles were screaming and couldn't exert my strength, due to the gym session with Gedeon, Xinxiang, and jingjiat... drifted up and down the pool.. soon realised it was 215, therefore went to shower, so as to make it for soccer in time at 3.

However, dramatically the rain started pouring as we stepped into the school... WHAT a TURN OFF.... NO soccer... damn. Next went to photographic society to check the place out as it turns out to be the only decent club of the clubs and society there. But their TALK wasn't interesting enough to probably keep me, jing jiat and xinxiang awake for 5 min....THEREFORE

proceeded to council room to loan some board games.... THE boardgame we wanted WASNT AVAILIABLE... what a day. went to grassroots club hoping to play billard... the tables were filled by NYP ppl... went to cathay bowl there, the pool tables were occupied by some inconsiderate individuals... watched SJI bowling team train for a moment or two, and we stepped out of the place...

WHAT A DAY.... we've resigned to the fact that today just wasnt our day... so we wanted to just come my house to kill time.. when i've reached home, realise my brother was sleeping... can't even play the blardy PS2...what is this. =/

having no other alternatives, we went back to the most PRIMITIVE form of entertainment, which was talking cock. To our surprise, we were able to carry out this 'activity' without any hinderance. NOTHING COULD MAKE US MUTE. muahhahahahahha


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