Sunday, December 11, 2005

Police & Thief

Before anything, lets have soem definations... It helps to make things easier

Police= Dog

No prejudice against any animals here, and i have kindly avoided Monkeys.

Now without further ado, let the story begin.

There was this Dog, who graduated from the police academy, he was busy with his activities, such as mixing with his friends and perhaps developing his other talents. However, due to these myriad form of activities, he neglected an important aspect of his career, which is to work for promotion. The Dog has a friend, which was the Cat. Neither was he close to the Cat nor did he have extremely good ties with the Cat, however they had certain chemistry binding them together, this is for sure.

Cat soon realise that his friend Dog had this difficulty and realise that he could never make it to the ranks... He would forever be this little police guarding the neighbourhoods. Therefore he decided to help him.

Since the Cat was a thief, he knew many 'bad guys' who flout the law, and he decided to help the Dog by giving him some tip offs. Certainly, he went all out to help the Dog as the Dog soon became the officer of his police station. However, as he rises up in the ranks, he could not be too close with crooks like the Cat, because the intelligence department would definitely be able to realise what they are up to. And too, he realised that the Cat had bad habits and certain character flaws. The Cat did not steal normally as a thief would, he stole from kids or old grannys, taking from the weak and avoiding the strong.

Soon, the Cat was noticed by the poilce as the Cat went on to steal in museums and exhibitions, and the Dog's latest case was to catch the Cat.

There were some mental struggles in the Dog, as he knew that the Cat once helped him. However, they are naturally apart, as one is the POLICE and the other is the THIEF. What should he do then? The Dog tried meeting the Cat secretly at night, and tell the Cat to stop its acticvities. However, the Cat would not change as the chinese saying goes 'empire can easily be changed, but character cannot' (sounds a bit off, pardon me >.<).

In the end, the Dog decided to call for a change in his department, and he avoided criminal cases. They would probably never meet again. However, the change involves lots of bureaucracy, he still needs to stay in the department for 3-4 months, the case should be solved by then and meant that it woukld not be possible to avoid, what should the Dog do?

In his heart, he feels indebted to the Cat, and he must admit that he had lots of past dealings with the Cat, however, he detest his adamant personality and feels that a clash is unavoidable. So what should the final decision be?


1) Catch the Cat?
2) Ask for immediate change of department?
3) Ignore the case and slack, till he changes in department.

Perhaps tell me online or use the tag board. Laughs.

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