Saturday, December 03, 2005


"What? What did you say?" that was my reply when my friend, the one trying to mimic the TOA PAYOH legend told me something. hehe, want to know more? Scroll down...

Hey Hey, guess what he told me, he said that his 1V3 experience was a flop, and he didn't got the SURPRISE at all, and he was no where near it, nothing much actaully happened too, now i think of it. (IT WAS LARGELY EXAGGERATED BY OTHER PARTIES, WHO KNOWS ONLY PARTS OF IT.) This was what i thought: ' what the hell, obviously you didn't get it, you are just desssss '. After a while i told him this, and he said that it was quite true, and perhaps he was in heavens thats why he felt otherwise. HOWEVER, now here comes the interesting PART. Haahaha, as most of us would know, he has a neighbour, lets give her a name (from now on neighbour= GLUE). I think you all can have an idea about what is THE neighbour like when i give the CODENAME. hahahah. Apparently, the neighbour sticks to him... and he is really devastated by this, he claims that he feels tormented, because he don't have his own living space, the neighbour would VISIT him whenever his parents are not at home. OPPS. But personally i think this is rather one-sided lo, cos i think he won't want such stuff, as i person i know.
I wonder what they do, or rather what the neighbour does... GLUE is even around when i was chatting with him rather late in the night(early in the morning), omg.... what is this...

What's up with him man? I would fear the GLUE would cause him to revert back to his old self( if you all get what it means, dunno then maybe call me and ask me nicely> hahah). Hiaz, thats all for him... I dunno what's up on his mind, now he wants to be ALoNE... He realise that any company(friends) is rather boring and bothersome after sometime, hope he finds his way!!!
But these series of experience certaily have made him a better person, he IS NORMAL now, haha, not desperate anymore.

Tennis is Fun! But there is a paedophile coach, i'll see whether i can get a picture next time, look out for him. Ok, i suppose you all need evidence, here's a n abstract from his conversation with the little kiddies.
PAEDO: hey, you've improved 300% today, keep it up!
KIDDY: uh, ok.
PAEDO:Hgh five man!
KIDDY: (complied) -.-
PAEDO: I think i should give you a hug.
opps that's all for today.
Anyway, he is decked out(vocab in courtesyof ged's blog) in tight fit sleveless shirt and short pants...

Let's hope that the chalet is FUN :D

PS: zW can you bring your instrument and give us a public perfromance? I mean your erhu, yup

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