Saturday, November 05, 2005

Taking Initiative

Taking Initiative

Today, i was on a bus, travelling to my grandmother's place. It so happen that the bus was suffocatingly crowded. i thought it was because of the muslim festival, but i realised it was yesterday but not today.

Come on, by now you may be asking what has it got to do with Taking Initiative? Now, this was what i saw. Since the bus was crowded, many people was standing, then and there i saw a young chap, perhaps around my age looking slightly uncomfortable. Why is it so? I came to realise later. He was in fact pondering whether to give up his seat to an old lady; he gave up his seat after 2 stops but by then, the old lady almost reached her destination. What a pity.

This in fact is closely related to A thing that me and my friend have been talking about. We dicussed the fact that people, i mean boys and girls or man and women often missed their chances because they do not dare to make the first move. There seem to be this layer, blocking or preventing the 2 people to come together to become friends. We sought for a solution, which is to come up with this method to break down this imaginary barrier. However, there seem to be no plausible solution to this problem, except for taking the initiative to say probably HI. But this is provided that the other party don't shun you off ba...

Hey hey, there was another friend, who discussed this another incident with me, it was a matter which concerns us both, or in better words related to us both as we were once from this organisation in school. We had this junior by the name of Edward, which we talked about, actually it was the organisation as a whole. This junior seem to take us or rather him, as i'm not concerned with such matters, to be TRANSPARENT to quote him. He was rather offended by this PHENOMENON, which i think is far too common nowadays. He thinks that at least he should say 'hi' or something like that, which i do not think is asking to much from THEM. Where does the problem lies in??? I questioned the ties that bind, because this surely does not apply to us, as we would say 'harlo', to even some seniors whom we are not close with. He agreed. But the bottom line is that, whether we have imparted ot taught them anything, you should say at least a 'hi'. You do that even to an aquaintance don't you??? He was really disgusted by this type of behaviour. And i think that this incident is really worth everyone considering, taking in the fact that they are the leaders of the student body...

Now, in fact we should take initiative in many things, such as love and friendship. This things which are imaterial, literally, takes effort to build, and would weaken or lost if consistent effort is not put in.
4805 , hope that this does not happen.

Time for gossips. I have another friend, which is rather successful in achiving his aims, by taking initiative. I had rather long conversations with him that day on messenger, which he seems to be exorbitantly happy. He had a 1V3 experience. He is not the legend in TP Library, for 4805s' information. He did this single-handedly, and he is thrilled by the experience. I hope he would not blame me for saying this. He took the initiative to ask to study with them, which he then took another initiative by saying that 1 of the girls was cute, and he got a surprise, which i shall leave you all to think about...haha

Don't waste anymore time, do it now.

"You've got to take the initiative and play your game. In a decisive set, confidence is the difference."(American professional Tennis Player. b.1954 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA)

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