Thursday, November 24, 2005


wOw, a long time since writing or rather typing anything agian. Now, full of inspiration, i would have some stories to tell.

Its once again about friends and myself.

A friend of mine is always very chatty, he i mean actually 2 parties are involved in this POST, in fact both of them are very chatty. Both are nice personnels who would render aid to any one who needs it, albeit sometimes delayed aid. There was a long histiry to this misconception. It was due to the nature o ftheir personality that this misconception ever occured. The problem infact escalated to the extent where one party would not like to see the other. But why wasn't it resolved when both parties are reasonable and decent people?
In fact, it was due to this misconception, which i would now like to talk about. One of the parties felt that he was on decent or even good terms with the other. This was in fact an assumption of unreality. The ultimate truth was that one party greatly disliked the other, due to some comments made between them. What's the problem here? One party has to wake up and tell the other party that YOU SUCK, or the other party must realise that HE SUCK and proceed with apologies... Only when one party accepts the blame then they can coexist again...

AND dye hair guy, please even the colour next time.. =D

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