Thursday, October 04, 2007

Whts up.

So now there's nothing much to talk about except for the A levels coming up i see.

Anyways, i do want to read law, because i think it'll definitely work my brain.
But whats the point? Because i don't want to be a lawyer, i don't want to work 'n' hours a week and move towards partnership.

Hah let's not think too far, how to get into law having not done well in two H2 subjects? Think I'll just settle in some arts/social science courses, i think i'll have a comfortable life then, without all the numbers and algebra.

O.o so why push so hard? Maybe i just don't want a disgusting certificate.

Also, its really lame to have taken science subjects. I think i would have done way better with Economics, Geography, Mathematics and Chemistry. Funny combination, but i think it'll work fantastic for me.

Oh also i've been thinking about law internship, but from kenneths' experience, i don't think i want to go for it, unless i can make the cut for the course. I don't want to spend time doing mundane work, if theres even work to do. LOL

I'll study harder though, I'm convinced.

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