Saturday, January 13, 2007


I guess everyone is pretty caught up with theri busy lives, in their own ways on some lan shops, some settlers cafe, the hockey semi-D, bowling alley, in the river(not on, cause always capsize), or holding a racquet on the tennis courts, or maybe on field like i do.

Anyways, thats not the main point, its all about having some activities to help you get on with your lives. Who needs hockey, bowling, kayaking, tennis or soccer in the future. Unless you are like Theo-Walcott probably getting 60,000 per week or David Beckham 500,000 PER WEEK.

So here i am or rather recently, i'm stting sights for the future and getting on with things that probably help me to get on with my life, if any of you guys are interested to know.

I'm getting back what is mine's or rather currently getting something that should have been mine's. At least for the moment being, i do not mind as long as i'm featured in some parts of the plan yea, the number on top says it all about this paragraph.

Probably i'll be Rio. But i'll work on my free-kicks from 1/2 way line and get a little insane on this aspect.

Given a chocie i wouldn't want a captain beside me.

And really i pretty much like company offered by you, and really you are significant in my life. I hope its not only for the moment but for a very long period of time yea.

I dare to speak.

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