Friday, August 11, 2006

Key Inspirations

Yes, i mean inspirations.

I've finally caught lakehouse at the movies with my brother and mom. Its not that bad isn't it i mean the movie, i wonder how one can fall asleep? But maybe its due to the fact that I've missed out 10 minutes of it, cause my brother, my mom and I for no particular reason went late for the movie that we've booked and perhaps it triggers me to try to understand what's going on on the screen..

Such a sweet boy right, accompany my mother to movies, haha.

Why am I still up at this hour?

Damn Project Work, or rather damn my group leader. Yes thank you for passing me the file, WITHOUT the things i've conceptually mapped out to include in the Written Report, it is a pain in the ass for me to think what I've thought 6 days ago. I'm quite sure I'll only do one draft for the group and that's it.

Another group mate and I mapped out the whole project but what have we got so far? There must be a reason behind it isn't it. And I've got to the brink of fustration and I've decided to CALL IT A DAY.

Let us get reprimanded by the teacher, I don't mind, let's play the game known as PUSHING THE BLAME, haha good luck to my leader.

I've straightened out my thoughts and now its time to hocus pocus and focus lest its too late, of course it applies to other matters too, haha. Thank you Lakehouse, a movie when you're mentally tired can do wonders!

I still have a match tomorrow, hope i don't break my leg or whatsoever, pray hard for me everyone.

Let's get to bed!

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