Sunday, April 30, 2006


Yesterday, i went to queensway shooping centre to grab MY F50+. This was when I truly understand what consumer satisfaction is in economics. Whatever that is, nothing is as good as holding the goods you want in your own bare hands.

It was really great when you hold something you want desparately for a long time. The feeling was more than the word satisfaction. I think the reason is because you saved up for it and that makes hell lot of difference. If it was something that my mother subsidised or paid for, i guess I wouldn't feel that good. It is the entire process of saving up and doing window shopping to check out the prices, that enhances the overall satisfaction.

I'm beginning to understand why girls like to shop or window shop. It alows them to be happy always and they would feel really good as they constantly buy clothes, accessories etc. All with cold hard cash, therefore, i believe that is why they always tend to buy things, albeit sometimes the things are not necessary.

It is different for guys as things that we want are generally more expensive, take a pair of cargo pants for example, a good one can cost well over a $100, while a skirt for a girl cost perhaps $40? less than that in Far East i think.

Yea, and music is your best companion when you travel alone, i went there alone as last week when i was there with xinxiang, jion chun and jingjiat, there was no stock, therefore i went there alone myself. I couln't imagine staring blankly for the 80 min to and fro journey. I think i will get an iPOD video soon... =D

anyways, hope this can help me improve my game, as my previous boots had no friction and had bad fitting. Hope it helps me reach another level.

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