Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I want
I want sleep (repeat this 10 times in your head)

Feel retarded or thinks that i'm retarded?

Try sleeping in MY room.

I slept an average of, say 5 hours a day through chinese new Year, and obviously i wanted to have a good sleep on my comfortable and warm bed.

Now seriously, put yourself in mY shoes.

When i lied down on my bed and closed my eyes, i heard JAY CHOU............. 's music, then a damn friggingly(my own word) horrible voice came to sing/rap his 2nd song in his new album.... my mind was like,

telling me ( shut the *beep* up la, damn your voice neigh-----bour)

my mind went chanting...

I want
I want sleep.

I think VJ has gotten into me, urghhhh...

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